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Interview with Romain Molina: Inside the Mind and Life of Unai Emery

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Today our guest is Romain Molina or Romain Molina who is a French journalist and writer.

He is the author of the new book El Maestro which is a biography on Arsenal Head Coach Unai Emery.

Simply put, Molina will take you further into the life and mind of Unai Emery than you'll have gone before: his mentor, his origin story, his transformation as a manager and everything in between. He'll also discuss his trip to North Korea which was a pleasant surprise.

If you like this interview, than I suspect you will like his book. You can buy the biography, El Maestro, on Amazon or

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7:55 Going to North Korea

15:30 His interview with Unai Emery

23:19 His career as a player and how it affected his coaching

31:09 His first game as a manager in La Liga

34:10 Unai's mentor

40:45 How he's a football romantic

47:30 Lucas Torreira and Unai Emery's approach to coaching him

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