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Interview with Richard Evans: The Football Scientist Behind Roberto Martinez

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Today our guest is the Head of Fitness for the Belgium National Team, Richard Evans.

For the last 20 years or so he's been a physio, sports scientist and head of performance at various clubs in England. He started at career Swansea, before following Roberto Martinez to Wigan, Everton and Belgium. And before all that he was a professional player as well so he's got quite a career journey.

We talk about that journey, his relationship with Roberto, the precarious nature of his profession, disagreements in sports science and I ask his about PEDs in football. And of course, he discusses Wigan's FA Cup win and Belgium's World Cup run.

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9:24 Belgium World Cup Run

13:34 Meeting Roberto Martinez for the first time

24:39 Getting his break at Bristol City

34:33 Disagreements in sports science

40:09 Volatility of the game

48:09 The evolution of football

55:54 Challenges in the Sports Science industry

1:06:55 PEDs in football?

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