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Interview with Osian Roberts: The Welsh Coaching Whisperer

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Today we are joined by long-time coach Osian Roberts.

Roberts has been coaching in Wales since 1991, becoming the Technical Director in 2007 and the Assistant Manager in 2013. He's even been called the 'most influential man in Wales Football.'

However, in coaching circles he's most known for teaching one of the most highly respectedUEFA Pro License courses in Europe. He's coached countless elite managers such as Tony Pulis, Roberto Martinez, Paul Jewell, Patrick Vieira, and many others.

In this episode he'll discuss: what he learned from his mentor & Liverpool legend Steve Heighway, what he's added to his Pro License course in the last year, his thoughts on Thierry Henry as a manager, and how he evaluates coaches when he watches games.

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5:39 Meeting his Liverpool idols

10:09 Picking the brains of Liverpool Legend Steve Heighway

18:02 Coaching coaches and His famous Pro License Course

27:07 The most common question he gets and his answer

34:23 Remembering the 2016 Euros

41:19 How he watches coaches


"I've always had that outlook that everyone's human, nobody's above anyone else, whether they're a megastar, superstar or whatever pedestal someone is put upon."
  • "Simplicity is genius…It's the simple things that are one of the hardest things to do." --- His coaching philosophy

  • "What I find with the top, top coaches is how open-minded they are and how much they want to continue to learn."

"It's very similar to developing a player. Every player needs his or her own individualized program to develop and it's the same for coaches."
  • "Bright, intelligent, studious. You know, if you were to talk football with him [Thierry Henry] then it goes on for hours. That transition from player to potential manager/coach has already taken place. He's a deep thinker about the game."

  • "Sometimes I think it's misunderstood that these type of people, with high profiles, that the game owes them something or because they were top players they should be given a job. I've never come across anyone of those. Their humility is to be admired and they're prepared to do whatever it takes and put the hard yards in, put the long hours in to make sure that they're ready. Because they want to be a success. They've never taken a shortcut in their lives and that's why they were top top players"

"I'll never forget the day Gary Speed asked me to assist him with the national team. It was probably one of the proudest days of my life and we never thought we could take Wales, in a major tournament, so far."
  • "It's always tactical for me. Tactical never wavers… That's your rock" When asked the element that he's always fascinated by."

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