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Interview with Michael Duberry: From Comic to Captain + The Decision that Destroyed a Friendship

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Today my guest is ex-professional footballer Michael Duberry. You may remember Michael on those Chelsea teams of the mid-to-late 90s and the Leeds teams of the early 2000s.

Interview with Michael Duberry

He was a big, quick centre-back who played for 8 teams during his 20 year career. He's now the founder of Made Leaders, which provides executive coaching and leadership practices to businesses around the UK.

I wanted to have on Michael on for a couple of reasons. To talk about battling adversity and yes, leadership. In this episode Michael discusses a court case that destroyed his close friendship with Jonathan Woodgate and that could have ruined his life. I wanted to see how that affected him and how he feels about it today. And I also wanted to discuss the different forms of leadership that you see on how football pitch and who some of the leaders he admired in his career.

I really admired the way Michael opened up about very sensitive issues and I hope you respect his vulnerability in this episode. It takes a lot of courage. If you want to reach out to him you can find him on Twitter @Original_Dubes

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4:45 Pranks at Leeds

17:00 Glenn Hoddle's influence on him

29:43 The trial with Jonathan Woodgate and Lee Bowyer

41:57 Captaining Stoke and Leadership

49:45 Choosing business coaching instead of football coaching


  • It was a hot day, and when we went out there there's about 400 wasps all around the car one the sausage meat - but yes that was a funny little prank that we pulled.

  • I got an Arsenal kit and buzzing. I just thought well you go to a trial with a football kit, but I didn’t really associate you are going to West Ham and it's like 'I have got the Arsenal kit.'

And he [Glenn Hoddle] made sure I was grounded he gave me a level of discipline and he gave me a level of grounding.
  • I remember being in the stand, and the Clare was asking me a question and I stood up and I stand up now but one thing my mouth was dry but I didn't want to reach for the glass of water because my hand was shaking I didn't want to show everyone that I was shaking.

So leading by example is always the best way. People always follow success.
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