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Interview with Lennie Lawrence: Coaching a Club Through Financial Disaster

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

We are joined Newport County consultant and long-time football coach Lennie Lawrence.

Interview with Lennie Lawrence

For those younger listeners like myself, Lennie has managed more than a thousand games and assistant managed hundreds more in his four decades of football. He's most famous for managing at Charlton in the 80s which is where he made his name.

We'll discuss his time as a Charlton manager as the club was in financial disarray then as it is now. This is one of the chief reasons I wanted to speak to Lennie. I wanted to see how a coach manages a team that has off the field problems hovering over it.

Lennie will also discuss why Roy Hodgson is still successful, his advice to young coaches and why he believes they need to change the role of the 4th official.

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3:35 His philosophy on retirement

9:35 Roy Hodgson

17:32 Financial Turmoil at Charlton

28:23 Taking Risks

34:52 Advice to young coaches

43:55 The role of the fourth official

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