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Interview with Vic Akers: The Most Decorated Women's Coach in History + Road trips with Bergkamp

Today I'm joined by Arsenal legend, Vic Akers.

Interview with Vic Akers

For more than 30 years Vic was part of the fabric that made up Arsenal Football Club. It all started when he came to the club in 1985 as a kitman and then the next year started to run their community outreach schemes. In 1987, he founded the women's team.

By the time he finished coaching the women's team in 2009 he had won 32 major trophies with the club making him the most decorated women's manager in English and international football history.

But that's only half the story. When he wasn't pioneering women's football in England he was the kit manager of the Arsenal men's team. In 1996 he took over the role when Arsene Wenger was hired and it was only fitting they left together last year.

So why now that it's Women's World Cup are we not seeing news packages and lots of stories about Akers? I suspect it's because of Vic's desire to keep a low profile and out of the limelight.

As you'll hear in this interview he is extraordinarily humble. If you want to reach out to him, and you really should, his Twitter is @TheRealVicAkers

Now, it's time to hear stories of being on the road with Dennis Bergkamp and what it was like to coach women's football in the 1980s and 90s.

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10:40 Road-trips with Dennis Bergkamp

14:00 Away trips for a kit manager

24:00 His role as sports psychologist

29:55 Becoming the women's coach

40:50 Biggest evolution in women's football

46:10 Can women coaches manage men's teams?

53:55 Head of FIFA for a day

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