• Josh Schneider-Weiler

Interview with Paul McShane: The Irish Gladiator

I'm joined by ex-Reading captain and central defender, Paul McShane.

Interview with Paul McShane

Paul is currently looking for a new club but has played for many clubs in the Premier League and Championship most notably Sunderland, Hull City, and Reading.

In his 15 year career, he has made more than 400 appearances including 33 appearances for the Irish national team. One of those was that famous World Cup qualifying playoff against France which we talk about in this episode. He was actually defending Henry on that famous handball so he has a really interesting perspective.

He also talks about the art of defending, video analysis habits amongst players, social media in football and players who hold onto that Manchester United tag.

If you want to reach out to him and let him know what you thought of the interview his Twitter handle is @pmacca15.

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7:11 getting scouted by Manchester United

15:12 Taking notes on his training sessions

18:25 Watching film

22:10 Positional coaches

23:00 Jaap Stam

25:43 Hanging on to the big Manchester United tag

33:16 Thierry Henry handball

38:52 Post-game dressing room against France

53:00 Most underrated defender

1:01:58 His advice to young defenders

1:04:50 Social media in football

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