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Interview with Paul Armstrong & Guy Mowbray: Behind Match of the Day & Future of Football on TV

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Our guests today are broadcast legends Steve Wilson, Guy Mowbury and Paul Armstrong.

Interview with Guy Mowbray and Paul Armstrong

Wilson and Mowbray are some of the finest play by play commentators on television and regularly appear on Match of the Day (MOTD). In fact, Armstrong was BBC Match of the Day's editor for 14 years.

If you enjoy the episode and want to go learn more about MOTD, I recommend you buy, Why Are We Always On Last? which is the autobiography of Paul Armstrong.

In the episode we discuss: the future of broadcasting & MOTD, how MOTD is made, the 3 pm blackout and a whole lot more.

If you're American and wondering what Match of the Day is, it's a show based on highlights and analysis, like Sunday Night Countdown or Baseball Tonight. Except it is 90 minutes and has no commercials. It's an essential part of British football culture and tradition.

And as this is the first time having 3 people I mistakenly never asked them to introduce themselves with their voice. The first person you'll hear from is Guy Mowbury. The next voice is Steve Wilson. And the other voice is Paul Armstrong.

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7:21 Are the commentators at the game?

12:53 Refereeing decisions on MOTD

21:10 The future of highlights shows

28:50 MOTD Nostalgia

37:30 Female pundits

41:49 How MOTD gets made

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