• Josh Schneider-Weiler

Interview with Jan Laursen: Instilling the Right Mindset in Young Players

Today our guest is FC Nordsjælland Academy Director Jan Laursen.

Laursen is known as employee number one at FC Nordsjælland because he's been with them since before they were named FC Nordsjælland. In fact when he signed with the club as a semi-professional in 1998 they were called Farum BK.

For the last decade he has been responsible for building up the academy from scratch.

In that time the academy's developed a number of proven professionals that have played around Europe. Some of these players include: Emre Mor (Celta Vigo), Mathias Jansen (Celta Vigo), Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson (FCO Dijon), and Jores Okore (ex-Aston Villa).

In this episode we'll dive into how he built it up the academy, how he instills the right mindset in his players, why football is reflection of society, why his academy is like the world's best restaurant and why implementing a girls academy has been such a success.

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9:58 Building an academy from scratch 20:21 Promoting players quickly through age groups 29:23 Character building in academy players 36:20 Building the right culture or mindset 46:07 Why having a girls academy has been so beneficial for the club

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