• Josh Schneider-Weiler

Interview with James Witts: Virtual Reality, Nanotechnology & the Future of Sports Science

For today's podcast episode I'm joined by writer James Witts.

Interview with James Witts

Witts is the author of the new book Training Secrets of the World's Greatest Footballers: How Science is Transforming the Modern Game which you can buy on Amazon or wherever you get your books.

In this episode we'll discuss: how sports science has evolved in the UK, how nanotechnology may be the future of football, do players play too much and more.

If you like sports science or performance I recommend you check out the Training Ground Guru podcast which I host and produce with Simon Austin as we also touch on those subjects.

You can also reach out to James, his Twitter handle is @james_witts.



7:42 How EPPP changed sports science

15:50 Hamstring injuries and traffic light systems

25:02 Use of GPS

29:07 Technology and football

31:37 Nanotechnology

36:25 Is the gulf widening between big and small teams in sports science?

41:25 Do players play too much?

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