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Interview with Gary Lewin: Saving John Terry's Life, Head Injuries and Being a Physio in the 1980s

For this podcast episode we're joined by longtime physio Gary Lewin.

Interview with Gary Lewin

Lewin was a physio for Arsenal from 1986 until 2008. Following Arsenal he worked full time for the FA as the Head Physio. He was also a physio for the England national team at an astounding 5 World Cups. Most recently, from 2017-2018 he was Head of Medical Services at West Ham United.

Today he is starting a new private practice with his cousin, Colin Lewin who was also a physio with Arsenal.

In this episode we chat about: hamstring injuries, Gary saving John Terry's life, treating head injuries and being a physio in the 1980s.

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11:02 Preseason in 1980s vs today

14:59 Treating hamstring injuries

19:21 Rushing a player back from injury

27:02 Eduardo injury

33:14 Head injuries in football

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