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Interview with Eni Aluko: Fighting an Institution + Faith in Football

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Today we're joined by pundit, solicitor and Juventus forward Eniola Aluko

On the field Eniola is a fast, skillful, goal-scoring striker. She has won three domestic doubles- with Chelsea and Juventus- and won the FA Cup twice more with Charlton and Birmingham City. She's also made more than 100 appearances for England and was on the 2015 World Cup team that placed third in Canada.

However, now she's more well known being an accidental whistleblower having spoken up against racism and bullying within the England setup under ex-manager Mark Sampson.

That idea of taking on an institution is one of the main topics we discuss in this episode. 

We'll also explore faith within football, why women players are more outspoken and the differences in childhood experiences between men and women footballers.

If you enjoy this podcast, then you will absolutely love her new book, They Don't Teach This. You can reach out to her and tell her what you thought of this interview, her Twitter is @EniAlu

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