• Josh Schneider-Weiler

Interview with Emile Heskey: Football's Misunderstood Man

Today we're joined by ex-England striker, Emile Heskey.

Everyone listening will know who Heskey is, but in case you forgot, he's scored 152 goals in 720 games as a professional, most famously for Leicester City and Liverpool. 

Those numbers do not include the 62 caps and two World Cups he appeared in for the English National team. He's also won the League Cup 4 times, as well as the FA Cup and UEFA Cup. 

In our conversation, we discuss: how he battling the media's perception, how he struggled to adjust to the dressing room at Liverpool, and the loss of team camaraderie in the modern game. He also answers the question, can you build a winning mentality or do you have to recruit players who already have one?

You can read about these topics and many more in much greater depth, in Emile's new autobiography, Even Heskey Scored.

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