• Josh Schneider-Weiler

Interview with Darrell Clarke: Adapt or Die

Today we are joined by one of the best young English managers in the game, Darrell Clarke.

Despite making nearly 500 appearances as a player Clarke is now best known as a successful manager at Salisbury City and Bristol Rovers.

Since taking over Salisbury City as a player-manager in 2010, Clarke has led his clubs to four different promotions. He did this twice with Salisbury City in non-league football and twice with Bristol Rovers.

He has a total record of 189 wins 54 draws and 123 losses, so a very good record indeed, he's done all this before turning 42.

In our episode Clarke discusses: why he turned down a job at Leeds, his thoughts on the sporting director model, how he manages players, the psyche of a coaching during a relegation fight and what he told his team at halftime of the last game of a promotion challenge.

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