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Interview with Christoph Biermann: Data Use in UK vs Germany + Breaking down 'Packing' metric

I'm joined by German football journalist Christoph Biermann. Christoph is a reporter for the monthly magazine 11Freunde.

Interview with Christoph Biermann

He is also the author of the new book Football Hackers: The Science and Art of a Data Revolution which highlights some of the new analytical methods clubs and individuals are using around the world.

And in today's conversation, we'll discuss:

  • Data use around Europe…including in England vs Germany

  • 'Packing' and other interesting metrics

  • Analytics in the media and how 'packing' was covered in Germany

  • The future of data in football

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7:40 Chance in football

12:32 The lying of league tables

14:23 'Packing'

22:55 'Packing' in the media

29:13 Data at Dortmund

36:00 Video revolution

44:29 Why clubs are so secretive

50:07 If he were FIFA president for a day

Longtime listeners will remember I had Chris Anderson, author of the Numbers Game, on the podcast last year. I highly recommend you listen to that to supplement this episode if you haven't already, as it describes the history of the data revolution.

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