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Interview with Drewe Broughton: Exploring Feelings, Spirit and Biomechanics in Football

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Today our guest is ex-professional footballer Drewe Broughton. Drewe played for an incredible 22 clubs in his 17 year career.

Interview with Drewe Broughton

Now he is a performance specialist, and coaches businesses and players. Some of his clients are Premier League players and internationals, and others play in the lower leagues.

Drewe is aggressive in his beliefs and has led a fascinating life. We hit such a wide array of topics in this episode. We go from how physios and training departments may need a makeover to how football is not in touch with its spiritual side. Feelings, biomechanics, mental health we touch on it all.

Drewe has a podcast that should be released soon called the Gift is The Curse and a book called And Then What in December. So if you want to stay up to date on all that then follow him on Twitter @Drewebroughton.

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3:56 Should biomechanics be in football?

13:00 What he learned from Theo Walcott

23:47 Craig Bellamy and Two-a-days

31:35 Being vulnerable with his players

43:55 Surrendering at the Sporting Chance Clinic

53:10 And then what

1:04:40 Rooney's spiritual reawakening


  • The physiotherapy degree has to change...governing boards have to start taking the blinkers off and go 'okay forget how much money we might make from this degree.'

  • So he went straight inside my rib cage, grabbed my heart and went, 'are you listening?' And that is what I have the ability to do with players 

Until the game and the coaches and the managers work on their feelings, ain’t nothing going to change.
  • When the phone call came in was there 20 or 30,000 people around your glass office smashing at you and swearing at you and throwing things at you?

The difference between John's belief system and I guess a traditional belief system, is he believed that bones move, joints feel and muscles react...most physiotherapy I believe is taught that the muscles guide movement hence let's keep looking at the muscular.

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